Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grace arriving

By no means does I stretch to say that I or this team is grace in the
flesh, ariving in Thailand. Instead, I see it as we arrive in the
Pattaya area; grace is arriving in flesh to us. There are thousands of
young women caught in the bondage of a sexual hell, but you can see
that from an easy search on the Internet. Of course now pictures and
videos accessed through Google will show smiling faces and painted
lips who appear wet with desire to go to bed with a man three times
their age for a little cash. I know the truth though. I know what's
wanted is freedom and what's expected and hoped for is sadly far less.
What you can't see so easily through a "www" porthole though are the
girls I get to meet this week-- girls thriving in redemption. They
are the flesh of grace walking into my life and I can't wait to meet
them. To God be the glory.

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