Friday, March 19, 2010


Tonight I had one of the sweetest dinners of my life. My basic
conclusion: I hate evil and God is love.

We walked up to a bar where two teammates were hoping to find some
girls they spoke to earlier this week. As we walked we wondered if we
would be able to spot the women in such a crowded bar. That was no
problem. As soon as we neared shouts were heard from the new Thai
friends. "Oh sexy ladies, you came back!". Our group was easily
remembered by them. The rest of the evening was followed by bar games
(we rarely won), invitations to dinner, laughter from language and
tears from universal communications of love. Personally I was able to
talk mostly with three girls. One 42 one under 18 and the third
somehwere in the middle. Each woman had their own story, their own
spirit, their own dreams and fears. Even finishing this post the next
morning I can still feel the physical brokeness of my heart.

As I shared a bit of my own life's story with the girls the dynamic of
our chatter changed. We moved from positions of "bar worker" and
"tourist" into a dialogue of women bonded by a desire for freedom and
joy. They began to share real moments of their life with me and I was
so very honored to hold those stories close.

The tight hug and slight tears from the shy, young girl was what
captured my heart the most. Jesus is alive and working in this place.
He just hasn't introduced himself by name too all who live here yet. I
can't wait for the day when He does. To God be all glory!

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  1. I'm so proud of you, friend!! ... abbie